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Needs a lot of Polish

Im sorry but this falsh was not very good at all. The animation was choppy and slow, It had no sound. And you were trying to emulate one of the best animations on the Internet. It was an attempt I guess and so I give you credit for that. However, before trying to emulate one of the best I would recommend it looks as good as the original, if not better. Practice, spend some time and get that skill to the level, where it challenges the original artist. I'm not saying stop posting, what I'm saying is post more stuff and get better. Spend more time getting the skill up!

Needs more time and practice.

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Sweet Game

This game was awesome. I ejoyed it a lot. The only thing I didn't enjoy was the fact that your powerups did not transfer to the other levels. I was playing and I finally get the fireball of doom and the level ends... I was ready to rain fire on the next level but I didn't have the powerup anymore. IF you could revamp the powerup system that would make this game awesome!
Just a suggestion, but the way this game plays maybe you could have a multiplayer option with like 4 or 5 wizards duking it out on one map. That would make this game epic!
Well thanks for the amusement, and I'm sure with some tweeking, this game can become a masterpeice!

-----DJ Peak-----

Cool Game, Just needs polish

This flash game was pretty amusing. It was simple and elegent. It wasn't like other avoiding games where everything comes from all sides. Everything goes to the middle. Their was some good music however when it got to the end of the loop it kinda "blurped". Also some of the colors were hard to see on the white background. I would recomend a cool background and adjusting the music. And maybe an on screen indicator of the speed. Level 1-Turtle, Level 7 Crazy fast. But thats just an asthetic choice.

Awesome mechanics and playability, just needs some buffering!

Fun at First.....

This game was fun at first. I can over look the language barrior into was this game was about. So I got into the game and it looked good! Everything was colorful and pretty. There was no music which was something i beleive every game should have but its not that big of a deal. So I started the game and it was ok. What I noticed was that it was.......... easy? I made skyscrapers that were way too tall. Also, the fact that the new sections fell directly down decreaced the difficulty by a ton. This game would benefit from a difficulty setting. Maybe easy was what I played, then medium has harder building physics, and hard has blocks that drift when dropped and there is harder building physics. Also the addition of Powerups or buiding more than a single stack would have been fun. But what it really comes down to is that it was too easy, if you diliberately made it that easy and gave the option to make it harder I would enjoy it. Hopefully that helped you, I would like to see this game improved and recreated into an amazing flash game. It is possible. And I know you can do it!

Good Game, Needs some Polish.

Just a fan of Newgrounds. I very often come to the site looking to be amused. So why not get points for it! I enjoy many things and like to be amused. I only wish to be helpful in my reviews.

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